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LickiMat Playdate - Tuff Series

Great for entertaining your dog, reducing stress, anxiety and boredom. Using the LickiMat Soother is really easy. Squish wet food or a treat like (dog safe!) yoghurt or peanut butter onto its textured surface for your dog to lick. Because it's textured, your dog will have to spend ages licking their LickiMat to enjoy their treat - which is good news, because it'll keep them occupied and totally calm until you're back home again, ready to dispense more treats!

  • LickiMat is an innovative and fun enrichment aid, designed to keep your pet stimulated and entertained. Created by veterinarians for both dogs and cats, Lickimat helps occupy bored pets, calm stressed pets and slows down those who eat too quickly!

    The flat, flexible mat allows food to be spread or sprinkled on the surface to encourage licking to retrieve the tasty treat!! Licking releases endorphins which help your pet feel calm, while stimulating saliva production that protects teeth and gums and freshens breath. Lickimat reduces calorie intake, by making small tasty treats last longer which in turn reduces the risk of over feeding. Suitable to use with Wet Food, Dry Food, Raw Diets, Treats or Liquid Foods. Try freezing in summer for a cool treat or extra challenge!

    from flexible thermoplastic rubber – it’s non toxic, food safe, stronger than silicone – and it’s recyclable, dishwasher safe and microwave proof too!

Red size 20cm x 20cm

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